College subscription and registration information

The department is chosen according to the rates obtained by the students in high school in addition to the students' will. The results of acceptance are shown after conducting a competition between the students depending on the rats and desire. Also, students have to read the guide before filling the forms and first thing students should do is going to the registration department in the college.

Documents needed for registration

  • 1-High school graduation document.
  • 2-Medical examination certified from the health committee.
  • 3- A guarantee certified from legal affairs in the college
  • 4- A receipt of admission to Iraqi universities and institutions
  • 5-Ration card of the current year.
  • 6-Residency card and residency confirmation
  • 7-Iraqi Nationality Certificate.
  • 8-Civil identification.
  • 9-10 Pictures
  • 10-Students card
  • 11-Card of participation in the central exam

Higher and lower limits of admission in the college of administration and economy.

Department of banking and finance

higher limits of admission Lower limits of admission
Scientific branch / 73,142 scientific branch / 68,571
Literary branch / 72,875 literary branch / 66,857

department of Industrial administration

higher limits of admission Lower limits of admission
Literary branch 66,714 scientific branch 68,571
Scientific branch 69,857 literary branch 65,571