College vision

Leadership in teaching, learning, and scientific research. Serving the community in order to become internationally and locally pioneers in the field of administration and economy.

College Mission

1. Preparing the intellectual capital according to the needs of the markets and the plans of developments

2. The adoption of modern strategies according to overall quality management beside spreading knowledge and preserving the environment.

3. Working together with the community to participate in the accomplishment of sustainable development.

4. The adoption of the international criteria in the educational process, scientific research and serving the community.

5. The preparation of graduates that have knowledge and knowing capable of employing the modern technologies in the field of work.

6. The improvement of university professors through an inventive work environment.

College values

1-Spreading the idea of patriotism.
2-Moral and social commitment.
3-Honesty and academic freedom.
4-The commitment to the criteria of overall quality.
5-Intellectual forgiveness and excepting the opinions of others.